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TEFL Courses

Our weekend TEFL courses last for 2 days and are held at different locations around the country. This is the first step to a career in TEFL. Upon completion of the TEFL courses you will receive an approve certificate and an insight into the world of TEFL.

Our weekend TEFL courses are designed to provide candidates with the necessary teaching skills, the confidence and practical knowledge that is needed in a classroom. Even in countries where you are required to have a degree to be able to teach English in a classroom you will find that everything you learn on our weekend courses is invaluable to you.

In most teaching jobs throughout the world you will find that most employers will be looking for someone who has some experience in teaching and our weekend TEFL courses will help you to have aa bit of an advantage.

You will learn necessary, valuable lessons such as what makes a teacher good, which doesn't mean someone who knows the subject, but someone who can get the best from the students, how to manage a classroom, the methods behind teaching a language, the best methods of correcting, assessing and marking students work, the most effective way to plan a lesson and much more.

The course is intensive and ‘hands on’. You will take away many ideas and activities that you can use in your teaching.

The course lasts from 9.0am to 9.0pm on Saturday and 9.0am to 5.0pm on Sunday, giving a total of 20 hours tuition and practice. It is located in various hotels and conference centres around the U.K, always with excellent transport links. The weekend is informative, useful and great fun. It is also very intensive!

There is no formal assessment and you cannot fail. You will however get the opportunity to do two short practice lessons to other students on the course. The tutor will give written feedback and advice afterwards.