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TEFL Courses

If you are interested in TEFL courses then the TEFL Time website is the place to start. Here you will be able to find out about the TEFL courses that we offer; weekend courses and distance learning.

The first of our TEFL courses is the weekend course, lasting 2 days at various locations throughout England this course is designed to be your first step to a career in TEFL. After completing this course you will receive an approved certificate and an insight into what you can expect in TEFL.

These TEFL courses are designed to provide candidates with the necessary teaching skills, some practical knowledge and confidence in the classroom.

There are a wide number of topics covered over the weekend including; what makes a good teacher or student, managing classrooms, correcting assessing and marking, teaching the four skills, lesson planning and more.

The course is very hands on and intensive, there is no formal assessment and you cannot fail. You will get the chance to do two short practice lessons to other students that are on the course, after completing these practice lessons the tutor will offer feedback and advice.

The second of the TEFL courses that we offer is the distance learning course which is a follow up to the weekend course. Many people after completing their weekend courses feel they would like to extend their qualification. This course consolidates and extends on topics that were covered in the weekend course but also looks at other areas that were not discussed.

These TEFL courses need 80 hours to be completed and completion of this along with the weekend course leads to the 100 hour TEFL certificate.

For more details on the courses that we have to offer just click on the TEFL Courses link. Please feel free to contact us if you require any further details.