African Language Class 

Intensive TEFL Courses

Our intensive TEFL courses will help you to form your own ideas on the best activities that you can use when teaching as well as effective lesson planning and the methodology of language teaching.

The intensive tefl course lasts for a total of two days and you must be prepared to work hard and absorb information readily and easily as this is your stepping stone to teaching English as a foreign language, the course will help you to understand the skills needed to teach English to foreign pupils and how best to manage the classroom that you are teaching in, we will also teach you to have confidence when faced with a brand new classroom full of faces that are hanging on your every word as this can often be the most daunting prospect.

The topics that you will cover during the intensive two day tefl course include the elements which make someone a good teacher and how you can help students become better students. Our trainers will teach you how to manage a classroom. One of the hardest things to do when teaching foreign students is describing language and that is part of the intensive course here so you should have no problems when you need to put your methods into practice.

That is just a few of the topics covered others that we will go over will include the best way to correct students grammar and pronunciation without making them feel that they are doing something wrong so that you do not knock their confidence. One of the most important factors is teaching the students the four main skills needed for learning a foreign language and those are reading and writing as well as pronunciation and the ability to listen and recognise words. We will show you how to plan your lessons so they are effective for different levels of students. We will also give you the chance to practice your skills in front of a classroom before you go out into the real world to teach the skills you have been taught on our intensive tefl course.