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TEFL Distance Learning Courses

Our TEFL distance learning courses are a follow up to our intensive weekend courses and lead on to our 100 hour TEFL certificate.

Most of the people who have attended our weekend TEFL course often want to extend their knowledge. The distance course is designed to amalgamate and be an extension of the topics that were covered in the first course. It will of course cover extra areas that are not covered in the intensive course.

The tefl distance learning course takes a total of eighty hours to complete, this combined with the twenty hour intensive course will give you a total of one hundred hours of tefl training. This is a qualification that is widely recognised across the globe and will give you a good foot in the door for teaching EFL and gives you an advantage when you apply for a job in this field.

The distance learning course in TEFL is designed so that you can study at home in your own free time, so it does not distract from your current employment. When choosing this course you will be sent a workbook which we have created especially for this reason, this will be sent directly to your home address. In this work pack we will also provide you with a book which is full of resources to aid you in the completion of this course, this book will also help you to best plan classes for your new career.

As this is a distance learning course you will obviously be working from home and on your own but in the resource book you will have valuable information that will contain contact details of course tutors that will be ready and able to offer advice on any matters relating to TEFL.

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