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TEFL Certificate

Wednesday, 28 May 2008

We offer intensive and distance learning TEFL courses, at the end of these courses you will receive a TEFL certificate. Hopefully with this you will be able to find work somewhere around the world and do something worthwhile rather than sat behind a desk doing monotonous tasks in some boring office job.

Up on completion of either of the two courses that we specialise in you will receive a tefl certificate. Unfortunately we are not an agency that can help you to find a job which will allow you to put the skills you have learned whilst acquiring this certificate into practise. But we do have many contacts in countries across the globe that may know of certain job opportunities available to people wanting to work in TEFL jobs. When you have gained your tefl certificate we will be more than happy to pass your details onto these contacts but this does in no way guarantee that you will be able to find employment through us, but it does give you a foot in the door and have a qualification that is recognised throughout the world.

If you are hoping to join one of our courses in order to gain yourself a tefl certificate you do not require any qualifications you just need to have been educated to a reasonable standard and speak English fluently when having a conversation, there is no prerequisite of a degree.

For our courses you do not even have to be a British citizen, you will often find that most tefl teachers around the world have English as their second language. You do not need to be able to speak another language although this is often very helpful, we will teach you how to teach English in English so another language is definitely not necessary. You must be at least seventeen years of age.


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