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TEFL 2009

New TEFL Dates for Jan 2009

Interested in Teaching English as a Foreign Language? If so come along to one of our weekend courses in the New Year and take the first step into one of the most rewarding learning experiences you will ever have.

The first date for your diary is January 31 and February 1 2009 in London at the Holiday Inn Hotel, Kings Cross. If you cannot make the Jan and Feb dates don't worry as we hold weekend courses all year round, details of which you will find here as details are finalised.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with any questions that you may have regarding our TEFL courses.

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Weekend TEFL Courses

We hold weekend TEFL courses through out the United Kingdom and these courses are widely regarded as the first step in your career teaching English abroad. At the end of the course you will receive an approved certificate and you will have increased your knowledge of what it entails to teach in a foreign country by 100%.
The courses are intensive starting at 9am and going right through to 9pm on the first day (Saturday) and again from 9am on the Sunday until 5pm. Topics covered over the weekend are:

* What makes a good teacher
* What makes a good student
* Classroom management
* Methodology of language teaching
* Introduction to describing language
* Correction, assessment and marking
* Teaching the 'four skills', (reading, writing, speaking, listening)
* Effective lesson planning
* Practice at giving lessons
* Use of resources
* Next steps

There is no formal assessment and you cannot fail, but you will be very tired and you will have an excellent time. If you are interested in teaching abroad contact us today and take the first step by enrolling on one of our WEEKEND TEFL COURSES


TESOL Course Certificate

At TEFL Time we offer intensive and distance courses which upon completion will give you a TESOL certificate recognised throughout the world. Please read on for further details on our TESOL Course.

Below you can read details on the TESOL courses we offer and how they can aid you in your pursuit of a TESOL certificate and the areas of the world in which you can then put your education into practise. Gaining this certificate gives you a worthwhile qualification which allows you to make a meaningful contribution to the world, something that all of us here are always proud of.

The first TESOL course which is required before you can move onto the second course is our intensive course which takes place in different locations throughout the country over a single weekend and is the stepping stone needed to a career in TESOL. Over the two days you will be taught all the basic skills needed by a TESOL teacher to manage the students that they are presented with and how to be confident when presenting the students with the information they need to be conversant in English. The course takes place over a weekend so as not to interfere with your current employment.

The TESOL course will teach you the ideals of making a good teacher, because most places don't want a teacher who holds lessons where pupils come out and haven't taken in anything that they have been taught. We will also show you the best way to get the best out of your student and how you can recognise weaknesses in your students and develop this so that they become a better student, this will aid you on your way to gaining tesol certificate.

You do not need to have any qualifications but must of course be fluent in English as we will be teaching you the valuable skills needed such as how to teach your students how to read and write in English as well as to listen and speak in an understandable manner. Your TESOL certificate is widely recognised throughout the world and really is a worthwhile project so please contact us if this is something that you are seriously considering and our tesol course is designed to be easy to follow.


TEFL Certificate

We offer intensive and distance learning TEFL courses, at the end of these courses you will receive a TEFL certificate. Hopefully with this you will be able to find work somewhere around the world and do something worthwhile rather than sat behind a desk doing monotonous tasks in some boring office job.

Up on completion of either of the two courses that we specialise in you will receive a tefl certificate. Unfortunately we are not an agency that can help you to find a job which will allow you to put the skills you have learned whilst acquiring this certificate into practise. But we do have many contacts in countries across the globe that may know of certain job opportunities available to people wanting to work in TEFL jobs. When you have gained your tefl certificate we will be more than happy to pass your details onto these contacts but this does in no way guarantee that you will be able to find employment through us, but it does give you a foot in the door and have a qualification that is recognised throughout the world.

If you are hoping to join one of our courses in order to gain yourself a tefl certificate you do not require any qualifications you just need to have been educated to a reasonable standard and speak English fluently when having a conversation, there is no prerequisite of a degree.

For our courses you do not even have to be a British citizen, you will often find that most tefl teachers around the world have English as their second language. You do not need to be able to speak another language although this is often very helpful, we will teach you how to teach English in English so another language is definitely not necessary. You must be at least seventeen years of age.


TEFL Distance Learning Courses

Our TEFL distance learning courses are a follow up to our intensive weekend courses and lead on to our 100 hour TEFL certificate.

Most of the people who have attended our weekend TEFL course often want to extend their knowledge. The distance course is designed to amalgamate and be an extension of the topics that were covered in the first course. It will of course cover extra areas that are not covered in the intensive course.

The tefl distance learning course takes a total of eighty hours to complete, this combined with the twenty hour intensive course will give you a total of one hundred hours of tefl training. This is a qualification that is widely recognised across the globe and will give you a good foot in the door for teaching EFL and gives you an advantage when you apply for a job in this field.

The distance learning course in TEFL is designed so that you can study at home in your own free time, so it does not distract from your current employment. When choosing this course you will be sent a workbook which we have created especially for this reason, this will be sent directly to your home address. In this work pack we will also provide you with a book which is full of resources to aid you in the completion of this course, this book will also help you to best plan classes for your new career.

As this is a distance learning course you will obviously be working from home and on your own but in the resource book you will have valuable information that will contain contact details of course tutors that will be ready and able to offer advice on any matters relating to TEFL.

Our FAQ Section

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EFL Jobs

At TEFL Time we offer courses that will aid people who are looking for EFL jobs, please read on to see how our courses are perfectly suited to people who are looking for a career that involves EFL jobs.

We are here to provide training of the highest quality for people who want to teach English as a foreign language, no matter where your standing in your life we are here to help. Our tutors have immense experience in teaching English to people of all ages and nationalities in nearly twenty different countries from around the world and we know just how rewarding EFL jobs really are and we are here to pass on our knowledge and ability to you.

We are part of the Travellers Worldwide Group; you may have seen our site this is an extremely good site for people looking to provide voluntary work throughout the world. Please contact us for any details that you wish to know about EFL as we have a team of friendly helpful staff members here waiting to aid you in anyway that they possibly can.

If EFL jobs are something that interests you then you have come to the right place, our course director Paul has been teaching people interested in this area for most of his life and is qualified in teaching English as a foreign language. Paul's main teaching has been in England as well as areas of Asia and India.

Paul is in charge of the overall running of TEFL Time and he also chooses all the content of the separate courses that we run, this is an area where his knowledge is invaluable, he also takes cares of all the people who want to take on voluntary EFL jobs in countries such as Malaysia and areas in South America.

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Intensive TEFL Courses

Our intensive TEFL courses will help you to form your own ideas on the best activities that you can use when teaching as well as effective lesson planning and the methodology of language teaching.

The intensive tefl course lasts for a total of two days and you must be prepared to work hard and absorb information readily and easily as this is your stepping stone to teaching English as a foreign language, the course will help you to understand the skills needed to teach English to foreign pupils and how best to manage the classroom that you are teaching in, we will also teach you to have confidence when faced with a brand new classroom full of faces that are hanging on your every word as this can often be the most daunting prospect.

The topics that you will cover during the intensive two day tefl course include the elements which make someone a good teacher and how you can help students become better students. Our trainers will teach you how to manage a classroom. One of the hardest things to do when teaching foreign students is describing language and that is part of the intensive course here so you should have no problems when you need to put your methods into practice.

That is just a few of the topics covered others that we will go over will include the best way to correct students grammar and pronunciation without making them feel that they are doing something wrong so that you do not knock their confidence. One of the most important factors is teaching the students the four main skills needed for learning a foreign language and those are reading and writing as well as pronunciation and the ability to listen and recognise words. We will show you how to plan your lessons so they are effective for different levels of students. We will also give you the chance to practice your skills in front of a classroom before you go out into the real world to teach the skills you have been taught on our intensive tefl course.

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TEFL Courses

At TEFL online we offer courses which will help you to learn English in a way that will allow you to teach English as a foreign language otherwise known as TEFL, our courses when completed and put into practice will help you to make a difference in communities around the world that are less fortunate than the one you currently live in.

Here at TESOL online we know that there are over one billion people around the world that are currently trying to come to grips with the understanding of the English language and often they can only do this through reading books, with our courses you can perhaps find a job out in these communities and help them to best understand this language and improve their education.

The weekend intensive tesol online course lasts for 2 days and requires you to be fully committed and be able to take as much information as possible in the required time. This course will give you the basics needed to help you to best teach people who are not English the English language, we will also facilitate you with the confidence needed to face a group of people for the first time so that when you are teaching your confidence is seen throughout the classroom and people will have a lot more respect for you and the lessons will be a lot easier for you.

The tefl online course will teach you the skills needed to make a teacher a good teacher rather than just an average one and how you can get the best out of the students that you are presented with. You will be taught amongst other things the best way to manage classrooms to ensure that the lessons are run efficiently and your time is managed well giving lessons and activities that will aid your students.

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